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About Adel & Pollack

Adel & Pollack was formed in 1978, after Barry Pollack and Nancy Adel had each developed skills and experience while working for other firms in California. Barry’s experiences included business litigation, as well as transactional corporate and commercial matters.

When the firm of Adel & Pollack was formed, both Barry and Nancy had discovered the excitement of piloting and were working on their private pilot licenses. They went on to earn their instrument ratings and to have experiences that well-equip them to handle aviation matters. The firm continues to represent victims of airplane crashes and mishaps.

With the formation of Adel & Pollack, Barry has emphasized personal injury in his practice with successful and effective results. He has gone on to effect significant changes in the law, including the appeal of the case of "Kathleen K" that led to California court’s recognizing liability against those who transmit sexual disease to their sex partners. More information about that case can be found at

Nancy’s pre- Adel & Pollack experience focused on medical malpractice, automobile and general personal injury litigation, with unusual opportunities for trial experience, even as a young lawyer.

Nancy Adel’s first medical malpractice trial resulted in a million dollar verdict, and it has been followed by other significant medical malpractice verdicts. Other jury trial victories have included an award of punitive damages against a hospital for its wrongful firing of a vocational nurse and a variety of traffic crash scenarios, all resulting in jury awards of significant damages for injured clients.

In addition to jury trials, Barry and Nancy have won significant awards for clients at arbitrations, as well as by way of settlement. They have been major contributors to litigation against manufacturers of childhood vaccines, tampons, Dalkon Shield, and other drug and medical product litigation. Nancy Adel & Barry Pollack have also had daily victories against greedy insurance companies that were unwilling to pay fair compensation to injured clients, in car accidents, employment and premise liability injuries.

Tort law is the primary emphasis of Adel & Pollack. The firm has the experience and resources to take on the medical profession, the automotive industry, drug companies, and, most importantly, the insurance industry. By fighting these battles on a no-recovery-no-fee basis, Adel & Pollack joins with other trial attorneys to protect the rights of consumers.

Barry and Nancy work closely together, yet their differing life experiences enable them to bring different perspectives to the cases they handle.

The best way to get to know them better is to contact us or call (310) 443-4455 and ask to speak to Nancy or Barry right now.

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